Frequently Asked Questions

Beauty Serums

For what skin type is the Serums suited?

Our Serums works wonders on all skin types. It is well-suited for dry, young or mature skin. It works beautifully on oily and acne-prone skin. The fact that it is unadulterated and free of essential oils and any additives makes it well-suitable for ultra-sensitive, dehydrated, as well as allergy-prone skin.


Can I use these Serums with my other favourite products?

All of our serums are made to complement your other day and night creams.


How quickly will I see the improvements on my skin when using the Serums?

Some notice a difference overnight. When applying our serums before night sleep, you might be able to see more balanced and radiant skin upon waking up. However, only a regular use for the recommended period of time will lead to a more significant change. All good things take time; Please give the serums 4-6 weeks to do the magic.


Do the Serums contain any additives, synthetics, parabens or preservatives?

No. Complete purity of the product is our absolute priority! In addition, our Serums are Gluten free as well as Animal Cruelty free.


What are the results of frequent application?

Different Serums have differen properties. Overall, all our serums are made to improves skin health, and help you recover from common skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, skin darkening, Acne Marks, Melasma, etc.



Styler Pro All In One Hair Styler

Will this work on short hair?

It depends on how short your hair is. For chin length hair, the Styler Pro should work perfectly fine for styling.


Will it damage my hair?

The Styler Pro has been crafted by the fashion industry experts using the most cutting-edge technology. The Tourmaline Technology used blows negative ions for damage free styling. Also, the Micro shine plate surface of the Styler Pro ensures even heat distribution, durability, and shine, so that you can style your hair with out worrying about damaging your hair.


Can I manipulate temperature and blow speed?

Yes, the Styler Pro all in one hair styler comes with a rotating dial that consists of easy to adjust 3 mode of Heat and Air pressure control.

  • Low Mode is used for Low Heat and High Blow
  • Medium Mode is used for Medium Head and Medium Blow and
  • High Mode is used for High Heat and High Blow


Does the product have overheating issues?

Continuous use for an extended period of time of the Styler Pro can result in the top part getting heated up. In this case, please turn it off, leave it for a couple of minutes before using it again.



Beauty Soap

How does Kojic Acid Soap and Glutathione Soap provides skin brightening effects?

Darkening or Discoloration of our skin is due to the excessive melanine production in our skin. Excessive Melanine product can be caused by over exposing in the sun or from the air pollution. Both Kojic Acid and Glutathione Soaps are well proven to reduce the excessive production, consequently brightening up your skin after regular use.


Are Kojic Acid and Glutathione safe to my skin?

Glutathione are produced in human body, whereas Kojic Acid has been scientifically proven to be skin friendly. Both incredients have been formulized in our soap in a perfectly proportionate amount, and a series of tests have shown no skin problem.


What does these Beauty Soap do to my skin?

Our Beauty Soaps are not only skin britening products, these are skin perfecting agents. Other than brightening your skin tone, these soap also provide anti aging, anti acne, skin cell rejuvination effects, and provides you with the next generation skin care.


Can my skin get dry using these soaps?

If you have a dry skin, just like any other soaps, our Beauty Soap also may leave your skin drier. In this case we recommend you to make most of our Hyaluronic Serum, or other quality mosturizers. 


How many times in a day do I need to use the Soap?

In order to maximize the effects of our Beauty Soap, we recommend using it twice a day; once early in the morning and once before bed.


How quickly will I see the improvements on my skin when using the Serums?

All good things take time; Please give the serums 4-6 weeks to do the magic.



Wireless Earbuds

Are the earbuds capable with any devices?

Yes, as long as your device has Bluetooth 4 and up, there won't be any connectivity issue regardless of your device's OS (Android, Apple, Google, etc).


What can I do if the Bluetooth doesn't connect to my earbuds?

Put the Earbuds back in the case. Remove/Unpair all the instance of your existing connection with the earbuds from your device. Take the earbuds out of the case and establish a fresh connection.


How to change the language to English?

Completely Power off both the earbuds (plug both the earbuds on your ears and PRESS and HOLD the buttons on both earbuds for for a couple of seconds till you hear the sound).

Now, keep the earbuds in your ears and long PRESS and HOLD both the buttons till you hear "Switch To English".


What's the number on the LED display?

It's the charge remaining on your Earbuds Case.


How can I know if the earbuds are being charge?

When the earbuds are sitting on the case it is automatically being charged. Also, the battery bars on the LED display for Left (L) and Right (R) earbuds are indicators of the charging status of the earbuds.

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