Where Our Journey Began

Having looked at the different online shopping providers in Nepal, one thing was common to all of them; CUSTOMERS DISSATISFACTION.

We have witnessed the majority of the customers complaining

  • They have been deceived by the suppliers
  • They would see a beautiful product on the pictures, but they would receive one that neither looks like the one in the pictures nor works as described.
  • The quality of products is poor
  • They have not received the same products as they have ordered

And the customers are left with no choice but to accept an absolute downgraded version of the product that has been advertised on the website.

This is how we came up with THE MAARG, a premium online shopping platform for the Nepalese community, where each product is well tested out and has a proven history of customers’ satisfaction.


Our Values

To help millions of Nepalese who are looking for an online shopping platform that can be trusted and that serves with qualitative products, we decided to establish an online shopping site in Nepal that values in creating TRUST and building RELATIONSHIP with customers more than anything else.

We are committed to provide an online shopping experience where Nepalese can be assured that they will get the exact product that has been listed and advertised on the web page.

We want to make sure that our customers are not deceived, not been lied to, and most importantly, they get their hard-earned MONEY’s WORTH for what they spend.


Our Goal

Our goal is to become Nepal’s gateway to great online shopping. We are committed to bringing high-quality products to your doorstep so you can be assured to get exactly what you see.

And we are inspired to reach this goal of ours by building a relationship of trust with you. We want to achieve this aim by offering you an online shopping experience where you will have a sense of assurance that the products you will get are only of the highest of qualities and they are in no shape or form deceiving our customers.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Delivery
99.9% Positive Feedback