Bikers Ring - 'Aetos'

Biker Ring in Nepal by The Maarg

Bikers Ring - 'Aetos'

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With Aetos (Eagle - the protector of sky), providing you the courage and strength, make a style statement while you are on your ride with exquisitely created BIKER jewel pieces.



The Maarg presents an ornate collection of meticulously crafted handmade silver jewelry, every single one of which embodies the unique value and spirit of Greek Mythology.


According to Greek legends, the representations on these jewelry have quintessential significance and they allure positive vibration and energy from the universe, benefiting the life and livelihood of the bearer of these special jewels.


Material: 100 % Silver

Weight: 7-10 gms

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Thank you @themaarg for this beautiful earbuds


Looks Beautiful. Can't wait to try. Thanks @themaarg

Aleena Grg

Can't recommend this enough! Get yourself at @themaarg


M loving it. Thank you so much.

Rashmi Kattel

Thank you.

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