Princess Heatless Hair Curler

Princess Heatless Hair Curler

Princess Heatless Hair Curler

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 With Princess Hair Curler, made from 100% Natural MULBERRY SILK and top-quality memory foam, now you can wakeup having amazing soft and bouncy curls

  • Without damaging your hair with any HOT tool or Hair Curling Iron
  • Without having to go to a hair parlor
  • Without wasting your time and money to achieve that perfect curl/wave


Direction of Use

  • Start with slightly DAMP (NOT WET - about 90% dry) hair by spraying water or use it on damp hair after the shower
  • Fix the middle of the curling roller with a hair clip on top of the head
  • Start braiding hair from 1 side & wind it around the curling roller
  • When hair is braided to the end, wind it with scrunchies
  • Wait for a few hours or leave overnight & take out the roller
  • Achieve Princess like curles


Why Princess Hair Curler?

Our Curlers are made from 100% Natural MULBERRY SILK and top-quality memory foam. Here is what makes Mulberry Silk so special.

  • Get natural and bouncy curls without damaging hair with heat products
  • Prevents Hair Breakage
  • Odorless and No Allergic properties like other materials
  • Doesn’t absorb hydration from hair and keeps it hydrated
  • Mulberry Silk contains amino acids, that not only has smoothing property, but also reduces frizz while curling your hair
  • Mulberry silk is super soft and smooth on the surface as a result, hair getting tangled is out of the option


Best Result
  • For best results, use on 90% dry hair and leave it in until hair is fully dry. 
  • For amazing long-lasting curls, leave the braiding overnight


 What's in the box
  • Magnetic Gift Box – makes it the perfect gift or present to your loved ones
  • 100% Natural MULBERRY Curler
  • Matching Scrunchies
  • Matching Hair Clip
  • Thank You Card & Discount Coupon as a showing of our appreciation 


The Maarg Princess Hair Curlers


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